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  Aluminium Copper-Brass Iron-Steel
Melting and Holding Furnaces with Crucible  
Hydraulic Tilted Melting Furnaces with Crucible  
Holding Furnaces      
Hydraulic Tilted Fast Melting Furnaces  
Shaft Type Melting Plants      
Billet Heating Furnaces  
Billet Homogenizing Furnaces  
Profile Ageing Furnaces    
Controlled Atmosphere Bell Type Furnaces
Controlled Atmosphere Pit Type Furnaces
Car Bottom Type Furnaces   
Drop Bottom Type Furnaces
Walking Beam Type Furnaces
Chamber Type Furnaces   
Impregnation Plants for Casting Parts
Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Type Furnaces
Pota Ataçmanı ve Taşıma Potaları       
Resistance Applications for Heat Treatment   
Combustion and Burning Control Systems

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